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The Moscow Science and Technology State Committee of USSR Qualification-Upgrade Institute for Information Specialists Specialized Training: Design and Ergonomic Planning Methods and Practice Improvement Graduated with the Honors Diploma June 1990, Certificate #38354


The Khabarovsk Krai Committee of the Marxism-Leninism University The Management Leaders Department Graduated June 1986, Diploma #10645


The Khabarovsk State University of Technology The Department of Architecture Graduated with Grade Point Average 4.88 (the maximum possible is 5.00) as an Architect (As a good student, in June of 1981 was sent to Leningrad for two months to have pre-diploma practice.) June 1982, Diploma #ZV < 416918 (Registration #25597)


The Khabarovsk State University of Technology The Department of Public Professions Drawing Art School (as an extra curricular course) Graduated as an Architectural Graphics Class Teacher June 1979, Diploma #126


The Secondary School #2 in Khabarovsk Graduated with Grade Point Average 4.5 (in the five-point grading system) June 1977, Diploma #10645


The Children Drawing Art School (4 years course) Graduated with distinction in 1975


March 1997
to present

Self-employed interpreting and translating: English/Russian Self employed member of the Professional Design Union of Russia (since November 1997, Certificate #1407) and a member of the Professional Design Union of USSR (since January 1991, Certificate #3613) Independent work in graphic design, Internet research and graphic consulting.

January 1996 -
February 1997

Self-employed interpreting and translating: English/Russian Occasional works for the Smith & Jones marketing, consulting, advertising and strategic planning full service sales agency.

January 1994 -
December 1995

The American General Ltd., (an American wholesaler firm of the Western Family products in Khabarovsk and the regions of the Far East and Eastern Siberia). Graphic Designer working in a creative international team, we established the advertising agency Smith & Jones as a branch-department of the American General Ltd. company (later it functioned as an independent ad agency). Acting as ad agency we developed the Ideology, Strategies, Tactic Plans and fulfilled the practical implementation of ad campaigns for American customers (such as the American General Ltd., Prime Smoked Meats Ltd., Green Disk Co., Bartell Drugs Co.) and Russian commercial firms (as Mamona, Diland, etc.) These campaigns included a wide range of diverse and challenging activities from marketing, promotion, public relations to design logos and other stylistic attributes, organization of exhibitions, weekly TV programs, creation of 3D computer and TV motion-commercials, etc. This kind of work required the use my skills as interpreter, project manager, graphic designer and trouble-shooter. It afforded me the daily opportunity to creatively improvise to discover unique ways in which to achieve various goals. Combining my high personal standards and flexible diplomacy, I was able to unite fantastic dreams with a sober estimation of reality. This work offered me many opportunities to learn new skills and abilities, which I embraced with enthusiasm.

September 1992 -
December 1993

Graphic Designer and Advertising Specialist in the Trade Company Mavex. I was singly responsible for leading all the work in areas of advertising, promotion and public relations. My multiple responsibilities in these fields included developing the concept of the firm-style, strategy and tactic planning for the ad campaign of the Company and practical fulfillment of these plans. This included creating the name of the Company, the logo, graphic design for all official and representative documents and attributes (such as letter heads, business cards, envelopes, outside billboards, interiors, etc.), organizing of exhibitions, creating slogans for ads on mass media and ads for yellow pages to be printed in Russia and abroad. Working within strict time frames, I often delegated the performance on some projects to various subcontractors and was responsible for the supervision, coordination and budgeting of their work.

May 1991 -
September 1992

Worked independently as a member of the Professional Design Union of USSR in graphic design (mostly making logos) for numerous commercial firms and enterprises. I also utilized my skills to work with multiple customers (mostly the leaders of commercial, trade and tourist companies) and gained valuable practice in making presentations for them. During this period of time I also studied English intensively and did some occasional interpreting (mostly for Americans and Australians).

July 1986 -
May 1991

Art-Designer in the Far Eastern Branch of the State Science-Researches Institute of Technical Esthetics. (At that time it was the biggest Design Center in the Far East) I experienced rapid career growth and soon I became a Senior Designer and the Art-Designer of the First Category. As an art and graphic creative designer I made wide variety of diverse projects (ship winches and metallurgy industry equipment for exporting abroad, office and workshop furniture, medical and electronic appliance, indoor and outdoor sport complexes for children, toys, interiors, logos, etc.) There I gained the experience of independent work with customers (such as big industrial plants and institutes of engineering) as a project manager. My duties included conducting negotiations with directors and other administration leaders of those enterprises, representing the Design Center, defining the price and the time frames for the art-design projects, developing and signing the contracts, constructing the work schedule and budgeting for my team (I was in charge of 5-15 people) and coordinating their work. I also made presentations at the end of each project stage with the reports, signed by the customers, and the final presentation of the projects along with preparing and signing all the necessary documents. I consider this time as most the challenging and most beneficial for my professional growing and fruitful for my social skills. At this time I began a self-study program in computers and the English Language.

August 1982 -
June 1986

Architect in the Khabarovsk Civil Building Construction Institute (the largest in the Far East architectural center) As one of the top students in the University, I was granted priority to choose the place for my employment for the next 3 years (to validate my diploma).


A member of the Professional Design Union of Russia (since November 1997, Certificate #1407) A member of the Professional Design Union of USSR (since January 1991, Certificate #3613) (the Professional Design Union is not a Trade Union. Design projects must be submitted to the Moscow Science-Research Institute of Design and an annual Committee decides who deserves the honor to become a member of this Professionals Union. There are no more then 30 or 40 specialists with such rating in Khabarovsk city.) Monetary awards and honors earned in professional contests. (The first monetary award I earned as an architect in professional contest when I was a student of the 4th year in the University.)


Experience with computer programs MS Word, Corel Draw, Caligary True Space, 3D Studio, AutoCad, Adobe Photoshop, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator Gold, Turbo Basic, HTML code, some knowledge in CSS.


A Volunteer leader of International Contacts Project in Khabarovsk Branch of Russian Cultural Fund.


Bilingual in Russian and English.


I enjoy reading to further my education and knowledge base, scuba diving (May 1978, Certificate #506049), snorkeling, downhill skiing and English. I continuously resist the urge to do caricatures of my friends and colleagues. I'm unmarried.


Self motivated, willing and eager to learn new skills.


The copies of the mentioned documents and the reference letters will be supplied upon request.

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